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New Partnership with National University, Philippines – Laguna Campus

Friday, 10 November 2023

Exciting news!

SeeMeCV has just entered into a partnership with the National University – Philippines Laguna campus, and we are gratefulto Dr. Narro R. Navarro for making this collaboration possible.

It’s not merely a quest to help NU students find jobs; we’re committed to guiding them toward remarkable careers through our specialised employability services.

So why should your university consider a partnership with SeeMeCV?

Well, for starters, we go beyond academic achievements to ensure students are ready for the job market with real-world skills.

We also understand that every institution is unique, so we configure our platform to meet the specific needs of your university and its students.

But that’s not all. Our platform’s analytics give you the insights you need to make impactful decisions for your students’ futures.

Our network is also global, opening doors for your students in places you wouldn’t even imagine. We’re not just about helping students land their first job; we’re committed to supporting them throughout their career journey.

If you’re an educational leader in the APAC region and want to improve your students’ employability, reach out to us.

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