SeeMeConnect is a career portal that helps employers attract job seekers and build quality connections through personalised content, easy job search, and smooth hiring process.


With 3D web technology, you can create a virtual job fair with custom designs for exhibition halls, virtual booths, and networking lounges that facilitate real-time interaction among exhibitors, speakers and attendees. Monetize your platform through paid ticket options, sponsorship opportunities, and digital swags.

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"SeeMeConnect is an outstanding resource for job seekers.
It allows you to find the right job with all the details
you require to make the decision that is best for you and your career."

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a positive candidate experience.

Make your candidates’ needs a priority from the start.

Keep job seekers
excited and engaged.

Trust them by giving the tools

they need to push forward:

Go beyond the traditional job listing page.

Include features and relevant content such as:

We’ve got your back.

With SeeMeConnect’s customisable analytics dashboard, you can access analytics and fields built around your objectives; manage, rank, and track candidates; and get automatice statuses and prompts

We’re about high-performing, integrated talent engagement system. Get a dedicated customer support team, super fast technical support, full project management, and other objective-oriented functionalities.

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