Connect talent with opportunities for workforce development and national productivity.

Connect the talent supply chain to ensure that job seekers have access to opportunities that match their skills and interests, and that employers have access to the talent they need to drive business success.

Make opportunities more accessible.

Use job portals to provide job seekers with a centralized platform where they can easily look up opportunities and apply. Filter results based on location, industry, and qualifications for accurate matching of skills and experience.

Leverage connections and accelerate recruitment

Virtual fairs open doors for students, young professionals, mid career executives and other job seekers to engage with employers by creating well-targeted content that speaks to their interests and needs.  

Accelerate career growth through knowledge sharing

Create platforms to foster partnerships between junior and early career workers with experienced professionals to become more effective at work, learn new skills, develop greater confidence, and make better decisions for their overall career growth.


You can make an impact from your desk. In fact, you can do it right now.

Connect with the public in a way that’s accessible, convenient, and interactive for everyone involved.

Webinar Series

Schedule sessions for knowledge sharing to guide job seekers to new career paths.

Job Fairs

Connect agencies and job seekers in a virtual setting for efficient recruitment.

Virtual Meetings

Host virtual roundtable discussions to tackle community issues and other concerns.


Design online training programs for skill-building and career advancement.


SG Statutory Board’s Nationwide Recruitment

Deploying virtual events with a custom-built admin content management system.

On-demand deployment and customisation

Comprehensive virtual coaching and resources

Integration and increased application application flow

Let’s make it happen for you, too.

Wide Reach

With virtual events, anyone with an Internet connection can join in—no passport needed.

Cost Saving

There’s no need to worry about costly venue rentals or other physical logistics.


Anyone can participate; one’s location and background become irrelevant.

Data Driven

Get invaluable data insights to measure success and refine future events.

Connect local talent with global opportunities today.