Building a bigger, better, stronger association, one member at a time.

Welcome to Retention Nation, where we help you keep your members close and your new ones closer.

Boost member value and engagement.​

Offer a job portal as an exclusive member benefit to help your members reach their professional goals. This job portal will keep them engaged and coming back for more, all while attracting new members

Nurture a closer-knit member base.

Build relationships among members by hosting content-rich, interactive events. Create opportunities for them to network with one another to foster engagement, as well as build loyalty within the association.

Open up new revenue streams.

Offer coaching services to members as a paid service or as part of a membership package. Not only will this provide members with access to personalized professional guidance, it will also generate additional revenue for your association.


Maintaining and attracting new members is a balancing act.

And we have found that the best way to ensure its success is by keeping everyone in the loop and creating a culture of engagement.

Annual Conferences

Facilitate meetings to discuss current issues and share perspectives.

Trade Shows

Highlight offerings through virtual trade show displays and live product demos.


Value-added activities and gamification options can help widen appeal and raise money.

Networking Events

Organize virtual speed networking sessions for members to expand professional networks.


Association develops sustainable talent ecosystem to accelerate industry growth

Client introduces an all-in-one talent hub to connect quality talent with association members

Hundreds of job seekers and employers sign ups within 3 months

Multimedia-enabled job profiles and management dashboard.

On-platform interview booking and applicant tracking.

Let’s make it happen for you, too.

Wide Reach

With virtual events, anyone with an Internet connection can join in—no passport needed.

Cost Saving

There’s no need to worry about costly venue rentals or other physical logistics.


Anyone can participate; one’s location and background become irrelevant.

Data Driven

Get invaluable data insights to measure success and refine future events.

Enhance retention and bring in new members with us.