Hiring and job search just got easy.

At SeeMeCV, we believe the talent ecosystem deserves a simpler way to connect. Our all-in-one digital talent engagement platform helps companies make better hires faster and easier by removing barriers to hiring, helping millions of job seekers around the world find meaningful work.

Our easy-to-use and extendable architecture goes beyond just posting job openings. We developed a platform that allows you to build custom workflows for managing candidates, reviewing resumés, scheduling interviews, making offers and more.

Global reach

With presence in Singapore, Europe, and the United States

Over 5M users

Diverse clients: from government agencies, down to universities

16-year expertise

Started in 2006, now
a pro with 16 years under our belt

Proprietary tech

We own it, we run it,
it’s 100% proprietary
and 100% SeeMeCV

Recruitment toolkit? We’ve got

everything you need and more.

When we said we’re all-in-one, we meant it.

Customisable personal profiles

Access a talent pool of thousands of profiles with a wealth of career history.

Smart search algorithms

Match jobs with experience and skills to find qualified candidates within seconds.

Personalised job recommendations

Access best-fit candidates based on profiles, experiences, and other preferences.

Job application tracker

Stay on top of your job applications and interview notes in one place.

Video CVs and interviews

“>Review applications without digging through piles of resumés and other paperwork.

Quick interview scheduling

Manage interviews and easily reschedule or cancel appointments on our platform.

In-system messaging

Cut down on the time it takes to chat with or reply to job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers.

Content-rich resource hub

Compile the best resources and tips for jobs, interviews, and job applications.

On-platform events

Set up and host webinars and other events without the need for third-party apps.

Interactive 3D environments

Build interactive 3D environments to make virtual events feel like real life.

Branded careers page

Showcase your available jobs while showcasing your employer and visual brand.

Secured video hosting

Store recorded events, video interviews, and other video content all in one platform.

Centralised hiring dashboard

Manage every stage of the hiring process — from sourcing to on-boarding, in one secure location.

One-click analytics

Track and analyse everything in real time – from engagement rates, to demographic trends.

Dedicated customer success team

Get personalised onboarding and priority customer support and training for a smooth hiring process.

Swift technical support

Get all the answers to any questions you may have along the way – and get them fast.

Our Vision

A world where everyone has access to the best opportunities.

We are a company that aims to transform
the talent landscape through innovation and human-centered strategy. We believe everyone deserves access to opportunity, whether you’re interested in applying to customer service, marketing, design and tech.

SeeMeCV is a great service for any business that needs to find top talent quickly. We have used them to help us fill positions across all departments and have always been impressed with their service. Their software is easy to use, the candidates are high quality, and the process is fast and efficient. I would recommend SeeMeCV to anyone looking for a successful online recruitment solution.

Our Mission

High-performance talent engagement and recruitment, made simple.

All talent needs to be encouraged, nurtured, and supported to achieve its full potential. This philosophy is reflected within our platform, from the technology we use to find talent, to the way we build relationships with candidates and clients.

Our Difference

16 years of expertise in deploying high performance talent engagement solutions

Fully customised virtual fairs, mentoring platforms and talent portals for industry leaders to interact with candidates at scale

We work with clients at every stage to realise their talent engagement and recruitment goals

Manage and maximise conversions at every stage of the user journey

World class service and support to ensure successful deployments that help grow your brand.

Trusted by 250+ clients and counting

The future of work is now, so why not make it fun?​