SeeMeMentor is a career coaching platform that helps track, rate and review coaching and mentoring initiatives and content, allowing you to measure their effectiveness and ROI.


Job seekers, young and old alike, need community. And with our scalable coaching and mentoring module, employers can work toward creating a safe space for sharing both learning and connection opportunities. While it can act as a standalone solution, plug it into SeeMeEvents or SeeMeConnect for maximum impact.

Mentor Profile

Mentor selection
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Coach and mentor reviews

"We find the platform very interesting and 4.0! Looking forward to connecting and mentoring more students in the near future."
Big 4 Firm

Build a solid foundation
for career growth.

SeeMeMentor allows fast deployment of your mentoring content and program. Get mentors set up with profiles, complete with bios, videos, and reviews. Allow mentees to select and directly reach out to their mentors, and empower this relationship with aligned goals and honest feedback.

Make coaching more agile and accessible.​

The platform compiles lists of available online career coaches, and makes it easy for individuals to connect and schedule virtual meet-ups. Make learning even more convenient via live or video on-demand streaming — with the former, allowing real-time interaction; the latter, convenience and ease.

Mentorship as a two-way street.

As with all coaching and mentoring relationships, our SaaS-based solution is flexible and can be tailored to you and your mentee’s needs. This guarantees that the program encourages a growth mindset and a learning attitude, and evolves with them as they progress and face new challenges.

We’ve got your back.

SeeMeMentor’s customisable analytics dashboard provides rich, in-depth data on engagement activities, satisfaction scores, learning and development targets, as well as retention rates.

SeeMeMentors is equipped with features that will keep a finger on the pulse of your coaching and mentoring program. Track engagement levels and satisfaction, goal achievements, and quanti/qualitative feedback.

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