SeeMeVideos is our platform’s secure video hosting solution to help employers take their brand far and wide, and job seekers put a face to their profiles.


Fuel hiring strategies by bringing relevant video content to candidates looking for the best cultural fit. Free up time you would otherwise spend going through cover letters and resumés by having access to job applications and video interviews. Embedded in all our other solutions, SeeMeVideos can help make talent acquisition feel human again.

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"For me, the biggest benefit is being able to continuously engage with candidates on live video without having to exit the fair and use another application."
Global Financial Service Institution

Attract the right talent in your next virtual fair.

While videos are perfect for introducing your brand, they also make great tools for ensuring you attract the right talent. Use videos with SeeMeEvents to give job-seeking audiences a glimpse of your company’s mission and culture, and allow potential applicants to assess their likely fit with the job.

Streamline the hiring process with video interview.

Videos via SeeMeConnect allow job seekers to record video CVs and expand on their resumé, and do one-way interviews where they answer questions sent beforehand. Recruiters can, in turn, watch in their own time and rewatch whenever.

Access years of knowledge in just a few clicks. ​

When used with SeeMeMentor, coaches and mentors can easily deploy self-paced content or do live sessions to give students a chance to explore even more ideas and engage in discussions — ultimately building that relationship and trust.

We’ve got your back.

Whether you’re a recruiter or a student, creating and uploading video content on SeeMeCV is quick and easy – With unique links (specifically for cover letter and CV submissions) for private sharing.

SeeMeVideos offers a secure and personalised environment, so you can trust our platform to keep your private data and files safe while you collaborate, network and engage with your audience.

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