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Client Success Stories : Manulife Philippines

Wednesday, 29 March 2023


Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Manulife Philippines, a subsidiary of Manulife Financial Corporation faced the challenge of continuing the recruitment of talent in the face of competition in the shared service industry. The Manulife Talent Acquisition team that relied on physical job fairs and face-to-face interviews to recruit talents in the past, now had to find an alternative solution.


The Manulife Philippines TA team partnered with SeeMeCV and quickly identified Virtual Career Fairs (VCF) as the optimal recruitment solution as not only recruiters and candidates were not put in any physical risk, VCFs would be able to create a fully branded and immersive online recruitment experience. The team chose to utilise an open subscription package which allows them to conduct multiple fairs over the course of a year.

Highlighting some of the customized features

  • Fully branded Manulife booths
  • Uploading of jobs and various routes to apply (e-mail, external link or within the platform itself)
  • Ability to schedule and implement a queuing system for voice/video interviews within the same environment
  • Real time analytics and reporting

Business Impact

With Virtual Career Fairs, it was the first time that a digital platform of this scale was implemented by Manulife Philippines and created a new culture of innovation.

A fully customized Virtual Career Fair highlighting Manulife’s values of “Think Big Values to Life, Obsess about Customers, Own it and Get it Done Together” were brought seamlessly together in the fair.

  • Job applications, offers and roles were filled during and soon after the event.
  • With real-time analytics, streamlining process could be made on the fly to extend the reach on talent pool as candidates can participate at a time slot that suits them.

The pre-event guidance and post-event debrief from the Customer Success team has allowed the Manulife TA team to better understand fair performance and constantly finetune processes.

With the implementation of Virtual Career fairs, the ratio of attendee-to-hire has improved with Manulife offering a record number of candidates within 5 days of the end of the last fair.

Key Takeaways from Manulife Philippines Virtual Fair

“I find that Virtual Career Fairs is an effective platform for us to share our opportunities with the community and for us to connect to candidates safely for both our employees and for the candidates themselves. It is very motivating to see the number of applications we get and gives us a good pipeline of talent to tap as future opportunities become available post event. Many thanks for enabling us in the new normal.”

Pilar Baltazar, AVP Operations

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