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Client Success Stories: Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore (IBF)

Wednesday, 29 March 2023


The Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore (IBF) is not only a recruitment partner for financial industry members; they also act as a certifiable source for financial practitioners to explore new opportunities to re-skill for expanded roles and opportunities in growth areas. 

Under Careers Connect, IBF also provides personalised career advisory to Singapore Residents exploring a new role in, or career switch into the financial industry.

With the challenges posed by the pandemic, IBF needed to continue to foster and develop talents to support the growth of the industry. Furthermore, IBF regularly collaborates with a variety of partners like Singapore Global Network (SGN) alongside the Economic Development Board (EDB) to attract Singaporeans who are based overseas to return home for the numerous job opportunities.

IBF understood that most participants including their members, were not ready to have face to face interactions and they had to find a solution that would enable them to achieve all their objectives.


After consulting with the SeeMeCV development team, IBF were able to create a VCF solution that could be easily replicated and configured depending on specific event objectives and who they were collaborating with.

Highlighting some of the customized features

  • Fully-branded platform that allowed practitioners, training & financial partners to engage in networking, job/course applications, interviews and more.
  • IBF and their partners could view the data in real-time and make adjustments when needed
  • Integration with other software solutions used by IBF
  • Integration of Chatbots to streamline customer service workflows and improve response times

Business Impact

IBF considered their Virtual Career Fair an absolute success. Over the 2 days event, we had over 800+ attendees, with over 200+ chats, 3,000+ booth visits, almost 1000 document views and 600+ video views, the virtual fair exceeded expectations and was a resounding success. Most importantly, the jobs showcase gathered over 2,000+ views, and about 300 applications in total.

Their favourite feature was the embedded streaming of the webinars all housed within the fair environment and integrated video chats, keeping the attendees and exhibitors continuously engaged in a seamless environment.

As a result of this success, IBF upgraded from a single virtual fair to a subscription plan that allows them to conduct multiple virtual events throughout the year.

Key Takeaways from IBF Singapore Virtual Fairs

“The platform has allowed us to quickly put together virtual career fairs with very short runways.”

“VCFs offer good value for money and the platform’s features were aligned with our business needs.”

“We liked the ease of use and implementation, along with the easy to read data analytics dashboard.”

Senior Manager, Stakeholder Engagement & Events Management, IBF Singapore

About Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore

The Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) is a not-for-profit industry association to foster and develop the professional competencies of the financial industry. IBF represents the interests of close to 200 member financial institutions including banks, insurance companies, securities brokerages and asset management firms.

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